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Car Wash Operating System

Boost & Maintain your business!


SMS Marketing

Proactive Maintenance


Why Choose FlexWash POS


Empower your business with real data about your customers: Who they are, how frequently they wash, how to retarget them.

Assisted Upselling

Boost ticket writer performance by configuring specific upsells based on a customers wash history.

SMS Marketing

Configure and run custom SMS campaigns to retarget customers, get reviews, and increase wash frequency.

Flex Memberships

Compete in the exploding car wash market by leveraging your entire menu, not just a single wash.

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Built-in Accountability

Ensure your inspections are being performed with an actual tunnel walkthrough. Have peace of mind that your process is followed.


We know the industry equipment and what is recommended to maintain it. You tell us what you have, we will provide what is recommended.

Configurable Reporting

Know what tasks are getting done and get detailed info on any issues reported in your tunnel. Pictures & Videos supported.

Get your full Equipment ROI

You've put a huge investment into your tunnel and to get the full ROI it needs to be maintained. Our system helps ensure that happens.


“With FlexWash POS and its Assisted Upselling we were able to sell over a thousand memberships in a year. This saved our business.”


Owner, Hospitality Car Wash

“The easiest system to pick up and use. Our newest employees learn it in less than a day. The maintenance app helps me keep track of all our tunnel upkeep to ensure our equipment is maintained.”


Manager, Express Auto Spa

“Their communication is tremendous. They are in the day to day grind so understand what we need to be successful. HIGHLY recommended.”


Owner, Tony's Car Wash

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